ST Engineering North America

ST Engineering North America is a U.S. based company with its headquarters in Alexandria, VA that provides integrated solutions to the commercial and government markets in the aerospace, electronics, transportation and marine sectors. With major operations in 16 cities and across 12 states, we employ over 5,000 people who support the U.S. and global critical infrastructure providing a wide range of manufactured products and services.

st engineering north america - Team


A leading airframe MRO provider serving leading airlines, air freight and military operators worldwide.


Providing proven and reliable ships and marine services to the both the US and international navies, as well as providing state of the art solutions to commercial shipping.


A leading provider of satellite communications to the military and civilian customer.

Urban Solutions

We leverage the latest smart technology to develop robotics and autonomous systems to meet the needs of the healthcare, transport, logistics, and hospitality industries.

Land Systems

A leading provider of paving equipment and specialized vehicles and trailers.

Digital Solutions

We are a global leader in modeling and simulation software that links, simulates and visualizes virtual worlds in networked synthetic environments, as well as a leading manufacturer of ruggedized and non-ruggedized computers.